Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Fungus is moving out and the grass is moving in!

Top: The #2 green on July 6th. left side and front bare from fungus.
Bottom: #2 Green Today. Fungus is gone and spot is healed.

     I was never known for my photography skills but I think the progress is obvious. It was a little overcast today so the picture came out a little flat. What is evident is the large fungus damage that was present on the left, right and front of the #2 green (top). When it wasn't raining we have been using a combination of nightly fertilizing through the fertiligation system provided by Turf Feeding Systems, Inc. and weekly organic fertilizer, soil nutrient, and fungicide application provided by Green World Path. We have caught up with the blemishes on the greens and also improved a number of the areas in the fairways. I have included some other photo's below. The original photos were not the best but I think the improvements are obvious.

The photo on the top right shows the condition of the 10th green as of July 6th. The back of the green was completely cover in fungus damage and dry damaged turf. Today there is no sign of the infected area on the back of the green.
#11 Green with several blemishes on the top left. Today we are blemish free.
Over the next few weeks we will start over-seeding and documenting our progress as we go. It has been a long wet summer but it has had one benefit. It has given the Sandhill Cranes a great place to hang out.
Finding food in #8 fairway.

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